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What is Fiscal Sponsorship? A 501c3 compliant nonprofit organization that is able to receive donations on behalf of a company/project that has not been declared a 501c3 by the Internal Revenue Service.


What is the Fiscal Sponsorship process with LUCA? 


LUCA will determine if your project is aligned with our mission. If it is, we will begin the process of establishing a legal relationship via a memorandum of understanding

  • As project owner, you will need to open a bank account dedicated to the project

  • The MOU covers the who, what, where and when of the relationship. Upon signing, you may begin raising donations for your project. 

  • Donations for your project are received by LUCA and processed by our bank. LUCA will turn the funds around in 2-4 business days depending on HOW the funds are received.

  • LUCA will create an IRS complaint thank you letter to be sent to donors for end of  year tax deductible donations.

  • LUCA retains 7% of donated funds to cover fees related to administrative costs 


  • LUCA supports mission focused media projects with impact.

  • LUCA supports projects that create a more equitable storytelling community. 

  • LUCA alleviates the need for creatives to start 501c3 non-profits for specific media projects.

  • LUCA enables content creators to raise funds and receive donations.  

  • LUCA retains a low percentage (7%) of donations to run operations.

  • LUCA showcases projects on its website for donors and community.


  • LUCA does not fundraise for the projects.

  • LUCA does not give Legal Advice on projects.

  • LUCA no longer connects filmmakers to one another.  There are other amazing resources for talent now like Level Forward + BGM Brown Girl Mafia + Free the Work + She Shoots. 

  • LUCA is currently on a hiatus from curating | organizing events.


We are an intentionally small organization built to streamline so please be patient and

reach out again if questions need answering.

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