LUCA  in scientific terms means the Last Universal Common Ancestor.  It is the origin of life on earth. It is what connects us all.  Stories do the same — they highlight the commonalities in our human condition despite vast differences around the world.  Stories unite. 

Love of stories and science brought us together.  Jane Z and Catherine met in Washington DC at Carnegie Science, where top climate scientists met with media experts and social activists to shape the dialogue about our changing planet.  Jane Z was there as a climate scientist (and budding filmmaker) and Catherine was there to share her incredible media expertise and passion for conservation action.  Jane Z and Catherine spent hours brainstorming ways to support the storytelling community and help media companies — our own and others — bring inspiring work into the world.  All our small production companies needed the same assets to execute projects, from legal and financial advisors to contract documents, permits, and insurance agreements.  We decided our companies would succeed better if we collectively shared our institutional knowledge and instead of helming the sharky waters of the production world alone. 

We courted a dear friend Jane Saltzman to join us because of her background in law and creation of non-profits to support impactful films.  Together, Jane Z and Yula (Hey Girl Productions), Catherine (See Why Projects) and Jane S planted the seeds of LUCA.  We wanted to create a non-profit that could support impactful media companies, act as a 501-c3 fiscal sponsor for projects funded by donations or foundations, and share lessons learned and resources so our individual companies and projects could thrive.  

The seeds are planted and LUCA Media Collective is growing. We would love to chat if you need support and looking to become a member.