At first glance LUCA stands for Last Universal Common Ancestor. It is at this point in time by scientific standards the origin of life here on Planet Earth - the proverbial and microbial Eve.  With this broad scope, we humbly look at our beginnings on this earth as cells that divided and divided again and then created life through millions of years of evolution and now you here today.  From this perspective there should be no difference - no disjointed hierarchy of gender and race. But somehow through countless years, societies evolved, fell apart and structures were created that no longer adhere to the unifying principle of LUCA.  

The fabric of society is reflected in the stories we tell - our current human mythology.  And when this ‘mirror’ is a sliver of the population, countless voices are not heard. A worldview is out-weighted by a perspective that does not represent the entire picture.  Stories can bring equality - they allow others to step into someone else’s shoes.  But when the shoe doesn’t fit, there is a feeling of rightfully being unseen and unheard and a personal experience not matching the world we apparently live in.  Ouch.

It is time to reintegrate the principles of LUCA where there’s equal weight to all our perspectives so systems of oppression - top down systems that rely on the dominance verses the collective success of each individual - can fall away.  There must be a willingness to peel back our own layers of privilege to see how we can step in to serve in roles that are mutually supportive. We can also simply rely on facts and transparency as rudders to help steer the ship. We can reflect on the equality of the perspective of who is telling the stories and the enterprises supporting them and try all together to create a world where everyone is heard and financially supported in doing so.

There is a deep current here rising.  It is a current that is calling into question the system it’s been channeled through.  It is also speaking out loud what was once whispered or thought in loneliness ‘this must be just me.’  By saying these facts out loud - stripped even from the emotional context that so many feel - is freedom.  It is saying 'I want to participate in a different system that matches the reality I want to live and my children live.'  And with that - these voices - storytelling, media and equality are required. This is 'why LUCA matters.'


The LUCA founders.