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The Cielo Film Project highlights the story of Odilia Rameriz and the incredible work of CIELO does to support indigenous language, community and border issues in LA & beyond.

PARTNERS, Lightbeam, EQV Media, Yola Mezcal, WUTI 

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When Lightbeam partnered with EQV Media and YOLA, a mezcal company founded and run by women which supports the economic independence of women in Oaxaca, Mexico who bottle the mezcal according to a 400 year-old family recipe, their goal was to tell the important story of CIELO, a holistic organization that supports 30+ different Indigenous communities in LA alone and its inspiring founder, Odilia Romero.


Through the film’s portrait of Odilia, a member of the Zapotec, we learn about how her personal experience as an Indigenous migrant shaped her steadfast commitment to serve others who similarly struggle to find their place. CIELO helps migrants not only through translation and help with border documentation, but also offers a powerful connection to indigenous culture, food and community that often remains invisible in the wider LA area.


Through screening events, LA’s indigenous community and allies came together to celebrate the film and the cause. Additionally, as a multi-channel distribution platform, Lightbeam distributed the film around the globe to its over 200K followers and community reach of over 1.5M. The film led to Odilia’s desire to continue utilizing film as a powerful visual storytelling method to help more people understand the deep and intricate purpose of language and the serious threat of language and perceptions of land to the indigenous communities in Cielo The Film Part II.



Champagne Problems Podcast is a health and wellness podcast exploring the influence alcohol & alcohol culture have on our mind, body, and spirit. Hosted by Robbie Shaw and Patrick Balsley, both professionals in the substance use space, the Champagne Problems Podcast aims to provide education, inspiration and resources to anyone from a daily drinker, to a casual drinker, to those in the sober-curious and sober community.Our goal is not to determine if your relationship with alcohol is problematic, but simply to explore how it may or may not be effecting your health, well-being and overall wellness goals!


Champagne Problems is an alcohol-centric wellness podcast. We explore all things alcohol and alcohol culture and discuss the influence they have on our psychological and physical wellness. We are not a sobriety or recovery podcast and we do not criticize all alcohol nor all drinkers. Our goal is to remain objective and our mission is to normalize these conversations so we can feel more comfortable taking a look at our relationships with alcohol and make the necessary changes minus the shame.


Fashion, Forward is a documentary series that highlights the authentic female voices in fashion who are driving positive change in the fashion industry, from the inside out. From championing sustainable production practices and challenging the industry's lack of inclusion to spearheading a more open dialogue around mental health issues, each leader’s story offers a rare peek behind the curtain into the collective female anthem defining the fashion industry of the future.  

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In times of crisis and uncertainty, we look to our leaders. The fashion industry is no exception. With morning headlines covering systemic racism, a consumerism epidemic, inhumane labor practices, widespread burnout, and mental health issues, who is stepping up to lead the industry of the future during this pivotal moment? Let us show you. Fashion, Forward showcases a select group of women who are not just clothing designers, they are industry re-designers. They are not just fashion models; they are role models. They have the elusive, intangible assets (deep purpose, vulnerability, authenticity, vision, compassion) that were once overlooked in the fashion world, but are now required for future relevance and success. These women walk the talk. Long gone are the days of the Devil Wears Prada, when leading with fear, inciting competition, and promoting exclusivity gave you a leg up.




JOIK, the film is a multigenerational odyssey across continents and time - that explores the theme of creation and ancestry through the sacred Sami indigenous reindeer herding songs - Joiks. 

Leader singer of Blind Pilot, Israel Nebeker - rediscovers through a series of hidden turns the buried indigenous roots of his Sami ancestors.  He embarks on a journey to reclaim his past and joins the intrepid Sami pychologist and shaman and famous joiker, Anneli Guttorm.

We are currently going through a global identity crisis, where collectively, we as individuals, are reflecting on our shared history and on our roots and threads of our ancestors who brought us here.  This collective cultural reckoning can also be seen as a cultural reconnection of what has been lost in terms of heritage when emigrating to a country where the soil does not hold our ancestors' bones. There is a theory amongst psychologists that some of the mental and environmental chaos stems from this sense of displacement.

As we reweave our connections to our ancestors, there is a reclamation of a lost culture, art, and customs that are hidden within our DNA. Through JOIK, we are rewriting cultural narratives and global history and returning it to its rightful owners, the Sami—traditional Arctic reindeer herders and the keepers of the joik. 

The joik in Scandinavia was driven underground during a time period over the past several hundred years where globally there was mass oppression of indigenous cultures on all continents from Australia, the Americas, Europe, Africa.  Lands were taken, traditions demonized by the church, and children usurped from their families and put into reform schools…it was a massive global loss of collective connection to the sacred, animate world.  

Today, we are looking at another cultural loss and degradation of place, not through governmental oppression, but through our changing planet. The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world and it serves as a  litmus test for our adaptations; and pressing us to take care of the natural world around us.  For millennia, Sami have traditionally inhabited this snow and ice encased region —crossing the tundra each spring with their herds of reindeer.  Since the sacred Sami joiks often capture the essence of people,, ancestors, reindeer, and even the soul of the land  — is this the way to remember everything that we are losing?  Sing our reverence back into existence? 


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