The last universal common ancestor (LUCA) is the most recent common ancestor to all life on Earth.

We at LUCA strive to grow a connected creative community that uses stories, amplified through film, for the greater good.








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Catherine's worked with some of the top visionaries, organizations and companies around the world, she’s editorially and creatively crafted several international series exploring politics, sex, science and most recently the faith-based documentary Belief that Oprah calls “her life’s work.”  Over the years, she's helped define the creative vision for a wide range of brands, translated complex ideas for top scientific agencies and told stories in over 50 countries around the globe for clients and media outlets, such as National Geographic, The New York Times, Time & Nike.  Catherine’s an educator, facilitator and connector with a knack for finding and telling the untold story.


Jane Zelikova, Hey Girl Productions - Jane Zelikova is a scientist, producer, biker, skier, chaser of frisbees, climber of rocks, adventurer, budding filmmaker, avid reader, bad surfer, and obsessive consumer of gummy bears.  With a PhD in ecology, Jane is interested in how the world works, is driven by her insatiable FOMO, and truly believes everyone has an amazing, magical, beautiful story inside of them.  Currently, she is a science and technology policy fellow at the U.S. Department of Energy, working on climate change policy and on finding ways to decarbonize fossil fuel power generation. Jane brings a scientific eye to creative projects, finding ways to expand the role of science in tackling global issues. She is most likely to film everything. 

Yula Kapetanakos, Hey Girl Productions - Yula Kapetanakos is a scientist, producer, hiker, lover of nature, chef, gardner, traveler, wildlife conservationist, visionary, and all around inspiration. Yula has ecology and evolution in her blood and is driven to find innovative ways to protect wildlife,  tell stories about conservation and bring an eye for art and design into the world of science. She is most likely to remember to order lunch.