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LUCA Pitch Event





In the spirit of inclusion, we’re offering this opportunity to any LUCA member who’s currently seeking financial support on an independent film or series. Due to the size of the venue, however, we will have to limit the number of participants in Joanne’s workshop; full-series participation will only be available to a maximum of 8 workshop participants who meet the following requirements:


  • To pitch at eTown, you must participate in PART I and PART II.

  • The film or series you’re pitching must currently be independent.

  • Your business assets are in place, ie:

    • budget fleshed out, topsheet ready to share

    • production timeline available

    • fiscal sponsorship in place by March 11 (LUCA can provide this if you’re still looking!)


In the days following Joanne’s workshop, LUCA staff will meet to decide which projects will advance in the series. We will announce the chosen projects so that filmmakers have plenty of time to prepare their stage pitches. As we make our selections, we will be considering:


  • the project’s sense of urgency

  • a clear “ask”

  • the likelihood of new funds to push the project to the next level

  • clarity of production timeline and budget needs

  • a clear understanding of what it will take to get this film ready for distribution

  • some visuals available (ie: stills in a Keynote, a pivotal beat, or a polished sizzle)

  • realistic business assets 

  • an unwaveringly clear vision of the story (knowing, of course, that stories are subject to change)

PART I: $400


PARTS II & III: $250 (pending selection) 


To be considered for advancement to Parts II & III, we require:

  • Name

  • Project working title

  • Logline

  • Synopsis (max 500 words)

  • Visuals: sizzle reel, photos, short clip of project for on-stage presentation

  • Timeline, including current stage of production

  • Core team bios: director(s), producer(s), editor(s), consultants and advisors - max 100 words/each

  • Targeted audience

  • Budget topsheet

  • If available: funds raised to date + sources, fundraising plan

  • If available: impact goals

For Additional Questions Please Email  after reading FAQs.


Q: What qualifies someone as a “LUCA member”?

You’re a female-identifying, independent, film/television industry professional in the Four-Corners region (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah).

Q: May I just attend Joanne's workshop (Part I) and not feel pressured to move onto Part II & III?

Yes! We encourage anyone to attend Joanne's workshop to get a strong working knowledge of a pitch and materials needed for future events outside of LUCA and strategies to approach financial opportunities. 


Q: What exactly is my money going towards?

Event costs and staff time.


Q: If I don’t get to pitch this year, will there be future opportunities?

Yes! Our hope is to make this an annual event, and LUCA is here to support you in your year-round fundraising efforts as well.


Q: Who may I invite to the eTown event?

If you feel strongly that a certain person or organization should be there, we’re open to recommendations! We'll have more information about ticket availability in the coming weeks.


Q: What kinds of film projects are eligible for the pitch series?

Any project that’s currently independent is eligible, including but not limited to feature docs, short docs, animated shorts, narrative series, and docuseries.


Q: Does my film have to be about a woman or women?

No! All characters and topics will be considered equally.


Q: Does it matter where I’m at in my career?

Not at all. You may be a first-time feature filmmaker or a veteran Sundance winner. What’s most important is that you can present yourself and your project with confidence, and have your business assets in place.


Q: How will text donations work at the eTown event?

If you are chosen to pitch at eTown, and your project is fiscally sponsored by LUCA, you will have the opportunity to receive real-time text donations from audience members. Throughout the evening, we will remind potential donors of this opportunity and encourage them to give.

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