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We’re kicking off 2020 in a BIG way. In celebration of your creative spirits-- and in support of the business of your filmmaking-- we’re presenting a groundbreaking new series to help elevate one of your film projects to the next level.

Introducing... The LUCA Pitch Spectacular: In Three Parts!

LUCA is redefining the industry-standard "pitch forum," but with a twist. We’re addressing the ever-present challenge of connecting filmmakers to thoughtful donors and investors who can help get independent film projects off the ground and to the finish line. In this series, you’ll start with workshopping your pitch and have the potential to present on-stage at eTown before a packed audience of potential funders. Participating filmmakers will:


  • Write a logline that sells, and use that logline to guide and create a powerful verbal pitch

  • Practice practice practice your pitch; learn how others hear and respond to it; and gain confidence in your delivery 

  • Gain a concrete understanding of critical business assets, and get those assets in place 

  • Pitch on stage to an audience of potential donors and investors, and know how to handle the conversations that follow


In the spirit of LUCA and everything we stand for, this is not meant to be competitive. Instead, we’re creating a nurturing and inclusive space, for both filmmakers and funders alike. 


PART I: “The Art of the Pitch: A Day-Long Workshop” 

Saturday, February 29 | 10am-6pm @ the Arbor Institute, Boulder

There is perhaps no skill more important for an independent filmmaker to hone than the verbal pitch. This full-day workshop, led by renowned filmmaker coach Joanne Butcher [link to “learn more” page], will teach you the skills to deliver a pitch so powerful that people will be rushing up to you to get involved. You will also learn about the business assets necessary to turn those conversations into tangible funds afterwards. You don’t have to participate in the entire series to attend this workshop. Lunch and light refreshments provided.

Sign Up for Part I

Film projects of all stages are welcome-- but to be considered for advancement on to Parts II and III, you will need a budget, timeline, and impact/distribution ideas in place, as well as an unwavering sense of story. From that pool, LUCA staff will determine which projects move forward to Parts II & III.

The Advancing Pitches

PART II: “Practice Makes Perfect” 

Wednesday, March 11 | 6-9pm @ SoundSpace Studios, Boulder

Now that you’ve had a couple weeks to apply Joanne’s teachings, here’s a chance to practice delivering your new pitch to a panel of local film luminaries who are operating at the highest levels in the industry. This event is small and intended to help you embrace the discomforts of standing on a stage, speaking to an audience, and enduring the unknowns. Depending on the number of filmmakers pitching, the panel might also have time to offer feedback on business assets such as budget and timeline. Light refreshments provided. 

LEARN MORE [eventually, let’s link to a freestanding web page that shows head-shots of the panel members and their bios]



PART III: “eTown Presents: The LUCA Pitch Spectacular!” [link to freestanding eTown event page]

Thursday, March 19 | 6-9pm @ eTown Hall, Boulder (doors open at 5:30pm)

We can’t think of a better way to reward all of your hard work by offering you the stage at eTown Hall + a packed audience of donor-minded, cause-driven, investment-savvy individuals and businesses curated by our generous allies at BSW Wealth Partners [let’s eventually link to freestanding BSW page *or* have this scroll to the bottom of the main web page, with sponsors listed]. Filmmakers will get eight minutes on stage to make a verbal pitch and share a short teaser if one is available. There will be ample time for filmmakers and guests to interact in the lounge area before and after the pitches. If your project is fiscally sponsored by LUCA, you will also have an additional opportunity to receive texted donations throughout the evening. Food and drinks provided.

LEARN MORE [link to freestanding eTown event page]


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